Tom Berger Photography

Photography around Tasmania and Australia with the Fuji X-T2.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hobart, Tasmania -- Pics around the backyard

 Reflections in drops of water.

 Baby wallaby, one of our regulars.   Tom Berger Photography Fuji x-t2

 White eye bird in a dark bush, still able to get the shot with the amazing Fuji x-t2

 New Holland Honey Eater. I managed to capture some amazing detail.

 Beautiful sunrise, Hobart Tasmania.  Tom Berger Photography

 The largest lizards in Tassie, harmless and very friendly nature.

Wallaby in the sunlight. Tom Berger Photography

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Boats and Flowers

Up to 60 cruise ships dock into Hobart every summer. Here is one of them.

                                                         By: Tom Berger Photography

 Some flowers around the yard after the rain.
 By: Tom Berger Photography.



Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Birds in the backyard

Baby New Holland Honey Eater.     Tom Berger Photography
 Lorikeet in apple tree.    Tom Berger Photography
 Caught in flight at 1/2000 sec.    Tom Berger Photography
 Baby chick waiting for parents to bring back food.     Tom Berger Photography
Cockatoo hanging around.     Tom Berger Photography.

The Micro World Of Bees.

 Bees, bees and more bees.    Tom Berger Photography
 Tongue unfurling, ready for the pollen hit.      Tom Berger Photography
 Tasmanian bee on salvia flower.          Tom Berger Photography
 It takes a shutter speed of about 1/4000 sec to stop bee wings.   Tom Berger Photography.

 A fly amongst the bees.    Tom Berger Photography


Saturday, June 25, 2016

NYE Fireworks, Hobart, Tasmania

Fireworks at 9.00pm and 12.00pm at New Years Eve.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

St. Helens, NW Tasmania

 A lone pelican drifting into a cove.

 Spot the photographer!
 The red algae on the rocks is distinctive around St. Helens area.
Lonely Planet rates St. Helens amongst the top 3 beaches in the world.
© Tom Berger Photography

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